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Memories of Mike Dolby, local resident, on the time West Leigh School moved to Belfairs.


In the early 50s I was a senior student of West Leigh School, which in those days took you from infant to senior.


I remember Mr Stockdale was the headmaster for the boys and Miss Mellow was head of the Girls.


It was at this time that the senior school moved up to what is now Belfairs Academy and to do this the seniors were recruited as removal men.  Using large builders barrows we transported books, equipment and the schools paraphernalia  past Lime Avenue and at Eaton Road we turned into Highlands Boulevard.  On the corner of Eaton Road with London Road lived a large colony of rabbits, all running loose, and we had to negotiate these.


The School comprised a bungalow block which was the Headmaster's study, and a boys and girls block - never the twain shall meet.


It took 2-3 weeks to move everything and the kids were involved in it all. Then West Leigh seniors moved en bloc  into the new school. I remember Mr. Neal  and Mr Tucker as teachers.


Mike left School in 1953 but the School continued to grow until in 1955 the new Belfairs High School was opened - and the rest is history!



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