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Like many small communities around the country Leigh folk  had their own way of referring to people by the use of nicknames.  Many families used the same Christian names generation after generation so it became complicated when a stranger asked for William Cotgrove and the reply came back 'Which one?'


Through researching various records and from information people have given me  I have put together a list of these nicknames, literally hundreds of them.


Some are hilarious, some denote a look or mannerism, some are cruel, but all are part of Leigh's rich heritage. A few are so rude I have left them off.


There's just one problem - everyone knew people by their nickname in Leigh but the generations have not passed down much information about the person's real name. That is my mission - to try and pair up as many nicknames with a real person as possible.


This is an ongoing project so if you know about any Leigh nicknames and who they belonged to and about the person,  please get in touch.  If you have a photograph of the person that would be wonderful and I will add these to the document.


In the meantime browse and enjoy the nicknames







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