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Not a building you expect to see in Elm Road but in 1908 this old railway carriage was right there inhabited by a family of  6.


An eviction notice had been served but William Hanrahan, an American/Irishman and his family stayed put. 


The Town Surveyor, local blacksmith and the  police were there to evict the family but they had barricaded themselves in so the roof was removed  and the family was taken away and housed by a neighbour. The carriage was to be removed the next day but Hanrahan was  armed with a pitchfork.


Eventually he was overpowered and the building disposed of.

Hanrahan was taken to court by the Council under the Public Health Act for erecting a building without supplying plans to the Council. He told the court he had bought the carriage, altered it into a dwelling house and lived there with his family which included a phthisical child (asthmatic).  Obviously not the best conditions for such a child.


He lost his case and also an appeal to the High Court.



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