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Dobbin's Well was a  Leigh landmark in Torquay Drive. Apparently it was a wonderful spring and in 1863/64 saved the town from a terrible drought at the time when the pump on the Strand went wrong.


A story recounted by Canon King was that someone who had had 'one over the top' had thrown the carcase of a pig down the well, but the Canon believed the horrible taste was due to a leakage of the tide getting into the water.


The well was, however dangerous as this report in the Southend and Westcliff Graphic of 7 February 1908 relates
















Canon King also had concerns about a memorable spot at the entrance to Dobbin's Field (shown in green on 1873 map of Leigh below)  in the corner of which the farmer stacked his manure. The drainage from the heap, when frozen, provided a notorious slide called the 'Juicy'.  This was close to where the Wesleyan Church is in Elm Road.









Rectory Grove

Elm Road

In 1911 the Wilder family were living in Cranleigh Drive, so very close to the Well


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